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As the Mall continues to develop and evolve, we are always looking for new and exciting retail brands, food and beverage outlets as well as entertainment, leisure and health/fitness opportunities to further develop within Tbilisi Mall in order to grow and add to the variety we can offer our customers, within the unique space that the all-weather Tbilisi Mall provides.

In addition, we strive to bring interesting and varied kiosks, stalls, advertisers and promoters to the Tbilisi Mall, to add further to the interest and assortment of goods within the Mall. The leasing of these parts of the Mall, we call Commercialisation, and is run separately, but in harmony with the Leasing of the commercial units.

If you are interested in opportunities to either lease commercial space, or Commercialisation space within Tbilisi Mall, please contact our representatives who specialise in these areas of the Mall Management:


Diana Kalantarova – Leasing Manager:


Lekso Khintibidze – Commercialization Manager: