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If you are interested in work opportunities, here you can find current job openings at Tbilisi Mall (Rakeen Uptown Development). To find out positions available at individual stores, please contact the store directly for further information.

Why to work with us?

Leading Company in Georgia

We are one of the Leading Companies in Georgia; an establishment which is well presented throughout the country as well as internationally with a history of success.

Corporate Culture & Pleasant Environment

We have a Friendly and Courteous Attitude, and a flexible, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere without pressure. Our Strong Corporate Culture enables every individual to feel like a member of a big family, regardless of cultural, ethnical or religious belonging

Professional Development Opportunity

We are committed to the professional development of each of our employees and we support our team members in deepening their knowledge and gaining new skills.

Competitive Pay & Benefits

Our employees enjoy Competitive Pay and good Benefit Packages (including comprehensive health insurance, paid vacation, additional days-off, etc.). And we are highly devoted to further improvements for the good of our co-workers.

Suitable Conditions

We are easily accessible through convenient means of public transport, away from the noisy and polluted city center and have all facilities at hand, such as a Hypermarket, shops, cafés and more. 

Below you will find the current job openings at Tbilisi Mall. Please keep checking back for future career opportunity updates.